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Welcome to the Govroam Wiki where we hope you will find all the answers you're looking for.

If you're uncertain as to what Govroam is then please take a detour via our main site for background information, the Tariffs and various management information.

We have documentation for you:

Visited Only Boarding Form - This for for sites signing up as Visited Only. For details see the FAQ.

Full Boarding form - This for for sites signing up for the full service. For details see the FAQ.

Govroam Technical Specification v3 - Covers the technical requirements of the Govroam service, from the wireless configuration to the audit and logging commitments.

High Level Architecture - An informal document which describes from first principles how Govroam works.

And a list of Frequently Asked Questions, including information on boarding, hardware, software and EAP types.

If you have any other questions then please contact at

We now provide some historical statistics about the service usage:

Site administrators

If you're an existing Wiki user or have just joined Govroam then Site administrators should start here and login with either your registered account or via Google. If you haven't got an account then contact us at and we'll generate one.

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